The Power of ‘Segment of 1’

Read how the theoretical concept of ‘the segment of 1’ can be practically applied in real-time for fighting fraud as well as maximizing customer revenues intelligently. Read how precise, real-time contextual interventions using the ‘segment of 1’ concept helps banks and how the CustomerXPs product Clari5 is engineered to address the need.
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February 2017 Issue

Break-Filter-BubbleHow To Monetize your Anti-Fraud Solution to Make Money for your Bank

How To Monetize your Anti-Fraud Solution to Make Money for your Bank. Read More

NASSCOM‘Money Rolls’

The next episode in the financial fraud thriller series based on Clari5 product use-case scenarios, co-produced and directed along with Banking Technology magazine. Read the previous episodes – Read More
Ep 3: Inside Job
Ep 2: Blacklisted
Ep 1: Malafide Intentions

ETInfographic: Credit Card Frauds 101

Credit Card frauds have been on rise for a while. People need to know, how the fraud happens. Therefore, Clari5 brings you a visual depiction of how card fraud perpetrates along with snapshot of amount of loss faced by the financial institutions.Read More

ThreatClari5 Case Study: Real-time AML for Prominent Bank

See how Clari5’s unified AML + Enterprise Fraud Solution is helping renowned private sector commercial bank combat sophisticated financial crime in real-time. Read More