What More Can Mission-driven Banks Do To Tackle Financial Crime?

Image courtesy: Anna Nekrashevich on Pexels

A recent survey by the National Center for Public Opinion Surveys under the King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue revealed that 62% of Saudis are exposed to attempts of financial fraud. About 28% of those who were exposed to financial fraud attempts said that there was a relationship between the financial fraud attempt they had been exposed to and a previous activity they had done. Source – Saudi Gazette

This is a loud wake-up call and the problem of financial crime is not restricted to Saudi Arabian banks alone. Any bank that is exposed to the global $4 trillion problem of fraud (ACFE Report to the Nations) is vulnerable to transactional fraud threats and money laundering attempts.
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The time is now: Convergence of real-time Enterprise Fraud Management and real-time AML into a singular platform working as one

Real-time payments need to be backed up with real-time fraud and anti-money laundering measures. Rivi Varghese, CEO, Clari5 (CustomerXPs) explains why financial institutions may adopt a FRAML approach to minimize financial crime and improve risk management and operating efficiencies. Read the complete interview in IBSi FinTech Journal. Read More