September 2021 Issue

Free Webinar – The Need for Real-time Cross Channel Intelligent Fraud Detection in the Digital Era

Machine Learning and AI have long resonated with the tech savvy, but how can your bank leverage these technologies to strengthen your bank’s defences against financial crime? Clari5 brings this webinar to help you gain insights from the experts and discover ready-to-deploy solutions that can be integrated easily and cost effectively. Discover how to deal with the new realities in a post-pandemic world. Register now!

Clari5 Real-time Enterprise Fraud Management System (EFM) and Real-time Anti-Money Laundering System (AML) applications are available for purchase through Finastra’s FusionStore. The category leading enterprise applications provide banks and financial institutions with the finest solutions for Real-time financial crime management.

There’s a rise in fraudsters taking advantage of the socio-economic conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic, to pull off money mule scams. Besides stealing economic stimulus payments and unemployment benefits, money mule fraudsters are flourishing on opportunities during the crisis.

Given the slackening pace of growth preceded by a spike in quantitative easing and flush liquidity in many countries, severely impacted corporate borrowers’ debts servicing, and consequently, there’s a higher potential for loan defaults. This whitepaper examines critical early warning indicators and scenarios, why multidimensional inputs are crucial to LEWS efficiency & the need for an innovative approach to it.