Clari5 Real-time Anti-Money Laundering

Automate, streamline and comply with national and global compliance programs quickly.

Clari5 Real-time Anti-Money Laundering

Clari5 Real-time AML solution helps banks and financial institutions automate, streamline and comply with existing and emerging regulatory AML/CFT compliance programs. The solution suite comprises of 6 key modules viz. Suspicious Activity Monitoring, Customer Risk Categorization, Entity Identity Resolution/Watch List Filtering, Regulatory Reporting (CTR/STR/SAR/FATCA), Case Management and Entity Link Analysis.

Real-time AML solution

Watch List Filtering

To counter money-laundering attempts, Financial Institutions (FIs) are required to comply with sanctions and PEP program regulations. Financial Institutions are required to screen customers during on-boarding and at regular intervals to ensure that they do not have business relationships with individuals and entities present in various sanctions lists or watch lists. Banks therefore need to implement an efficient real-time watch list filtering solution that requires minimal manual intervention and operates with very low false positive rates to avoid impacting customer experience. 

Clari5 Watch List Filtering helps your bank comply with regulatory sanctions and PEP programs with real-time advanced identity resolution analytics, intelligent scoring, transaction blocking and alert generation, with proven low false positive rates.

goAML Reporting

The goAML application is fully integrated software solution developed specifically for use by Financial Intelligence Units (FIU’s) and is one of UNODC’s strategic responses to financial Crime, anti-money laundering and terrorist Financing.

Developed by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), goAML is intended for use of FIU’s as a means for gathering regulatory reporting information and allowing regulatory report entities and intelligence authorities to analyse and share information that can help identifying a criminal activity in a quick, secure and confidential method.

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