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AI: The Future Architect of Banking

With a number of banks having already deployed at least some form of AI, it is only a matter of time before the rest join the gradual but global shift towards AI. See how AI is transforming banking operations today and the newer areas AI will eventually cover.

Putting The Horse Before The Cart

Effective banking enterprise-wide digital transformation requires a sound data management strategy in place first. What should be the key considerations while laying a solid data foundation?

Customer Due Diligence: What, Why & How?

FinCEN rules under the Bank Secrecy Act to strengthen customer due diligence (CDD) requirements for banks, brokers/dealers in securities, mutual funds and futures commission merchants contain explicit CDD requirements + a new requirement to verify the identity of beneficial owners of legal entity customers. What do the new compliance requirements mean for global financial institutions?

Beating Tax Fraud with AI

The tax frauds scenario (in the US) and how financial institutions and regulators can use an AI-based defense mechanism to combat tax dodgers.

De-risking Indian Digital Wallets Payments

While it offers massive convenience, digital wallets are as vulnerable to fraud as other banking channels. Here’s an overview of the Indian digital wallets landscape with some insightful tips on reducing vulnerabilities.

Regtech Aiding Compliance

From driverless cars to virtual personal assistants, AI is transforming industry sectors but not really when it comes to banking regulatory compliance. With 300+ million regulatory documents expected to be published by 2020, implementing AI-based regtech early can help accelerate compliance efficiencies.

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