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Insulating IVR Systems From Fraud

One in every 2500 calls to an IVR is fraudulent. With advancements in AI and ML, IVR systems can be made to deliver a richer and more secure customer-centric experience.

Smarter Decisioning with Machine Learning

One can leverage Machine Learning as the situation warrants in a smart way, it shouldn’t be force-fit into every situation which could otherwise be handled successfully. With the advent of newer technologies, we can expect fraudsters to invent more novel attempts. So, it is imperative that the Fraud Management System is continuously enriched to discover emerging fraud patterns and arrest them from occurring.

Intelligence to Wisdom using AI: The Final Frontier

It may be premature and, as some critics claim, presumptuous, to readily imagine a world where ‘cognitive consonance’ of non-organic, silicon-based entities blurs the lines of reality as we currently (and organically) understand it. That said, it is not difficult to objectively view and perhaps embrace the reality of AI changing the fundamental building blocks of modern economy, as we know it.

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