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From BI to AI: Moving from ‘What happened?’ to ‘What’ll happen next?’

Business intelligence (BI) solutions are not new to banking. With a blend of tools, techniques, and technology, BI processes information with accuracy, which otherwise would have been performed by humans. BI solutions have been enabling banks with capabilities to generate more revenue, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and more.

Is Open Banking more Open to Fraud?

Open banking (under the European Union’s Revised Payment Services Directive or PSD2), means third parties can link up to customers’ accounts, provided the customer consents. With data-sharing as the central feature, open banking is designed to encourage higher product and service innovation, make it easier for non-banks to participate and streamline user experience.

Fraud Risk Management 101: 5 Steps to Bettering Anomaly Detection

The business value of anomaly detection use cases in banks is obvious. From credit card fraud to check fraud to money laundering to cybersecurity, precise and quick anomaly detection is necessary to conduct business, protect customers and protect the bank from potential losses.

Insulating IVR Systems From Fraud

One in every 2500 calls to an IVR is fraudulent. With advancements in AI and ML, IVR systems can be made to deliver a richer and more secure customer-centric experience.

Smarter Decisioning with Machine Learning

One can leverage Machine Learning as the situation warrants in a smart way, it shouldn’t be force-fit into every situation which could otherwise be handled successfully. With the advent of newer technologies, we can expect fraudsters to invent more novel attempts. So, it is imperative that the Fraud Management System is continuously enriched to discover emerging fraud patterns and arrest them from occurring.

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