Clari5 Payments Fraud Reporting to RBI

Automate payments fraud reporting to RBI end-to-end, with a unified, comprehensive, ready-to-deploy, single-point regtech platform.

Anti-Money Laundering Solution

Clari5 Payments Fraud Reporting

Clari5 enables issuer banks and PPI issuers (banks and non-banks) ensure comprehensive, transparent, auditable Payments Fraud Reporting to RBI in an automated, unified, integrated fashion. Clari5’s single-point modular fraud reporting platform synchronizes with all data source channels and streamlines the entire RBI reporting process end-to-end, right from data upload through to report generation.


  • One-stop modular reporting via a singular payments fraud reporting platform
  • Visually rich dashboards and reports with granular views
  • Ability to consume data from various sources, including Manual Data Entry, Case Management System, Flat File Upload, Kafka Adapters, Database Imports
  • Maker-Checker capability
  • Future-proofed for evolving regulatory mandates


  • Comprehensive, transparent and auditable reporting to RBI
  • Automated, straight-through reporting process (STP) as per RBI guidelines
  • One-stop payments fraud reporting solution for fraudulent cases across the bank
  • Captures, manages lifecycle and reports changes to data in real-time
  • Fully audited user access control
  • Adaptable solution architecture ensures compliance with current and evolving regulations


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