5 Min Guide to Data Breaches

5 Min Guide to Data Breaches

So, how far is your data protected??

Percentage of Data breaches is enormous & this fraud increases exponentially in developed countries. As there are so many types of data breaches and it is difficult to monitor all breaches in real time because of which consumers feel insecure at the time of financial transaction. We use technology to prevent information from fraud but in such cases technology is incapable in making our payment safer. Data breaches strike the people of all ages either intentionally or un-intentionally.

According to Federal Trade Commission Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book, globally total data breaches were 1541 in 2014 & at the same time, the total data records lost or stolen were 1023,108,267 that emerged as the largest form of fraud worldwide.

This infographic below reflects this global fraud scenario.


By Priyanka Gautam 

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