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October 2018 Issue

Less is More: AI Tackles False Positives – Money Laundering Bulletin’s latest article on sifting out false positives from transaction monitoring alerts, talks about how Clari5 is helping financial institutions realise the benefits of AI and machine learning models.

September 2018 Issue

The Institute of Risk Management (IRM) annual Risk Management Awards recognize individuals, organizations and teams that have significantly contributed to risk management practices. CustomerXPs is shortlisted for the 2018 Risk Management Awards.

August 2018 Issue

Infinity Wars: Who (or What) will Avenge Fraud and Risk? As monolithic structures threaten to crumble it would be prudent to try and understand the elements of the digital wave that can perhaps avenge the metaphorical Thanos in this new ecosystem.

July 2018 Issue

Hybrid fraud detection models that ensure high fraud detection rates with low false positives is a vital to banking enterprise fraud management. A hybrid model’s techniques helps accurately risk score transactions and advise appropriate interventions in real-time.

June 2018 Issue

Congratulations! Clari5 Customer Axis Bank Wins The Asian Banker OpRisk Technology Implementation of the Year Award. Among the prestigious global recognitions for risk management in financial services, the Asian Banker Risk Management Awards recognizes outstanding achievements of best run risk management teams in financial institutions globally.

May 2018 Issue

Cybercrime continues to be an unending botheration for banks. While the focus of attempts and attacks until recently, tended to be on the banks’ customers (via card and account detail compromises), of late fraudsters have become more sophisticated and have raised the stakes.

April 2018 Issue

Bank of Ceylon takes Clari5 to Counter Money Laundering Threats Bank of Ceylon (BOC) as part of its enterprise financial crime risk management strategy has chosen CustomerXPs’ Clari5 real-time Anti-Money Laundering solution for combating money laundering threats in...

March 2018 Issue

Combating Push-payment Scams Efficiently From identification to authentication to anomaly detection to fraud prevention – the entire process will have to be enhanced exponentially with intelligent real-time tech that can synthesize collective wisdom from across...

February 2018 Issue

Are Real-time Payments Actually Fueling Financial Crime? CustomerXPs CEO Rivi Varghese on deploying AI as a core strategic capability to overcome the 'yin-yang' predicament. Open The Floodgates For Enterprise AI In Your Bank An AI based real-time enterprise fraud...

January 2018 Issue

Interview: Open The Floodgates For Enterprise AI In Your Bank CustomerXPs CEO Rivi Varghese on deploying AI as a core strategic capability to overcome the 'yin-yang' predicament. White Paper: Intelligent Regtech Redefining Fintech How AI-powered regtech enhances a...

December 2017 Issue

Top 10 Fintech Predictions For 2018 AI or CX or Blockchain or Regtech? What will take the spotlight next year? As 2017 comes to a close, here’s a preview of the top 10 drivers in the year ahead. Augmenting Financial Inclusion Efforts Efficacy in sub-Saharan Africa For...

November 2017 Issue

Global Top 100 Once Again! Charis Research RiskTech100 is the most comprehensive global study of the world’s major technology vendors in risk and compliance. CustomerXPs has been featured for the fourth consecutive year in RiskTech100 2018. Machine Learning in Anti...

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