Clari5 Among Top 5 Fraud Analytics Firms

The larger the digital economy, the more the need for smarter fraud risk management solutions. AIM lists 5 five new-age firms with advanced analytics-based solutions to fight fraud and business risk.

Insulating Philippines Banks from Financial Crime

Leading IT solutions provider, along with PwC organized a 2-part webinar on how banks in the Philippines can deliver seamless and secure digital banking services by balancing customer experience and security, while ensuring data is safeguarded while delivering services. Clari5 delivered key insights on how banks can insulate themselves from financial crime, especially during the COVID-19 crisis.

Clari5 Category Leader for AML Solutions

Chartis Research’s latest report provides an overview of trends in financial crime compliance systems that include KYC and AML capabilities. The report positions AML solution vendors as ‘Best of Breed Solutions’, ‘Point Solutions’, ‘Enterprise Solutions’ and ‘Category Leaders’ based on market potential and completeness of offering. Clari5 is positioned as a ‘Category Leader’ in the RiskTech Quadrant for AML solutions, 2020.

Deepfake Frauds: Will Banks be the Next Stop?

Where there’s money, there’s crime. Trust fraudsters to leverage new technology in their commitment to gain access to accounts, or to set up accounts or steal money. It is just a matter of time before deepfake becomes another method for digital rogues to defraud banks.

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