Bettering Anomaly Detection

From credit card fraud to check fraud to money laundering to cybersecurity, precise and quick anomaly detection is necessary to conduct business, protect customers and protect the bank from potential losses.

The Multi-faceted Threat of Fraud

Read KPMG’s report on global banking fraud to know how banks are tackling internal and external fraud threats, trends in fraud typologies, challenges in mitigating threats and how banks are structuring teams and deploying resources to optimize fraud risk management efforts.

A ‘Hybrid’ Approach to Fraud Detection

Hybrid fraud detection models that ensure high fraud detection rates with low false positives is a vital aspect of banking enterprise fraud management. A hybrid model’s techniques helps accurately risk score transactions and advise appropriate interventions in real-time.

A Smarter Approach to Loan Early Warning

Banks must have consistent and reliable data available in real-time to recognize signs of stress at an early stage. An unconventional approach is to view loan monitoring through the lens of financial crime risk management.

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