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Clari5 Wins Global Brands Magazine’s ‘Most Innovative Real-time Financial Crime Technology Brand, Global-2022’ Award

Headquartered in the UK, Global Brands Magazine (GBM) is a leading brands magazine, providing insights on brands across the world. A fully autonomous magazine focused on leading brands, GBM is a valuable source of information across industries. For over a decade, GBM has been recognizing outstanding brands among industry sectors. GBM’s Global Brand Awards honors companies that have established strong brands in vital industry sectors, including Fintech.

Clari5 has won Global Brand Magazine’s ‘Most Innovative Real-time Financial Crime Technology Brand, Global-2022’ award in the Fintech awards category. Clari5 received this honor for its commitment to innovation, quality, branding initiatives, customer service & performance globally. Read More

Why a Customer Intelligent Platform Is The First Step For Saudi Arabian Banks Working Towards PDPL Compliance?

The Middle East’s data protection regulatory landscape continues to evolve with Saudi Arabia’s newly published Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) – a first of its kind mandate. The new regulation urges organisations, especially banks, to be responsible custodians of their customers’ data and automate privacy and security operations. To operationalise compliance, banks need to first have in place a real-time, enterprise-wide customer intelligence framework to keep pace with the current digital landscape. Read More