Top 10 Fintech Predictions For 2018

AI or CX or Blockchain or Regtech? What will take the spotlight next year? As 2017 comes to a close, here’s a preview of the top 10 drivers in the year ahead.

Augmenting Financial Inclusion Efforts Efficacy in sub-Saharan Africa

For a region that has begun experiencing the benefits of financial inclusion initiatives, it would augur well for financial institutions and regulators to add a fourth dimension to the existing three (of access, affordability, quality).

A Unified ‘Financial Crimes Department’

FinCEN is on a crusade to have financial institutions integrate fraud detection with AML. At most institutions, these two functions are in different departments. By bringing the two together into a unified Financial Crimes Department, FIs can operate much more efficiently.

Growing Revenue while Fighting Fraud

Combining the power of Artificial Intelligence, Real-time Decisions, Automation and Machine Learning, Clari5 synthesizes historical and real-time data across all your bank’s channels and not only delivers split-second contextual intelligence to detect and prevent fraud but also customized marketing promotions in real-time.

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