May 2021 Issue

Indian Issuer Banks and PPI Issuers can now ensure comprehensive, transparent and auditable Payments Fraud Reporting to RBI in an automated, unified and integrated fashion. Clari5’s single-point modular fraud reporting platform synchronizes with all data source channels and streamlines the entire RBI reporting process end-to-end, right from data upload through to report generation.

The Celent Model Risk Manager Award is a distinguished recognition of project excellence and winners are determined based on best practices use of technology in financial risk management, operational risk management, cross risk, and financial crime. Fino Payments Bank won the premier award for flawlessly implementing + quickly going live with Clari5 Enterprise Fraud Management, despite the challenging Covid situation.
Learn how Clari5 can help your bank stay ahead of the fight against financial crime. Frequently asked questions about the category leading Banking Enterprise Financial Crime Risk Management Product.
With digital payments rapidly creating a cashless economy, the cheque has begun heading for the exit door. But there are vast populations that still rely on cheques for transferring funds, so a complete shift to a paperless economy & society is still a little away.

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