RPA in Financial Services

IBS Intelligence the latest report on ‘RPA Technology in Financial Services’ explores why RPA is now a strategic investment for banks and analyses the key considerations for adopting an RPA solution. The report profiles key RPA solution vendors including Clari5.

The Threat Within

Insider fraud is a growing, global problem. By watching out for internal fraud schemes as they happen, real-time technology can help banks respond to threats faster, prevent financial losses and reputational damage.

Viewing Loan Monitoring From A Different Lens

Drawbacks of conventional monitoring methodologies cannot be removed even after closely monitoring the assets and loans. It is high time to consider an unconventional approach to loan monitoring.

Infographic: Detecting Application Fraud

Falsifying income and credit history when applying for a mortgage, a credit card, a savings account or an insurance policy continues to be on the rise. While fraudulent applications are expected to continue, here are some signs to spot the anomalies.

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