Clari5 Market Insights

Clari5 real-time, cross-channel financial crime management solution is built to meet the compliance mandates of central banks within the prescribed timeframes.

Saudi Central Bank has issued a Counter-Fraud framework to combat financial fraud that needs to be implemented by FIs by June 29, 2023.


Saudi Central Bank

Bangladesh Bank has mandated more stringent vessel / container tracking to curb ghost / phantom shipments.


Bangladesh Bank

On July 27, 2022, CBK launched the ML / TF National Risk Assessment Report (NRA). The report identifies and assesses Kenya’s ML / TF risks at a national and sectoral level.


Central Bank of Kenya

BNM has announced five additional security measures for FIs to strengthen safeguards against financial scams especially in internet and mobile banking services.


Bank Negara Malaysia

In order to comply with FATF recommendations 7, 24, 25, the Parliament of Uganda on 30th August, 2022 passed six new bills to address existing gaps in the law on beneficial ownership information and proliferation financing.


Bank of Uganda

CBUAE has issued a new guidance for licensed FIs on risks related to virtual assets (VA) and virtual asset service providers (VASPs) which needs to be complied with, by June 30, 2023.


Central Bank of the UAE

The RBI recently (on April 28 and May 4, 2023) introduced amendments to its 2016 Master Direction on KYC for Regulated Entities on the conduct of customer due diligence (especially in non-face-to-face customer onboarding) to combat money laundering, terrorist financing, and other related risks.


Reserve Bank of India

The Central Bank of Ireland has published its supervisory findings and expectations for payment and electronic money firms on 20 January 2023, to bring enhanced transparency to its approach to regulation and supervision of the sector, and to reaffirm its supervisory expectations.


Central Bank of Ireland

EU Parliament Committees have mandated AML / CFT package regulations which EU member states are required to implement in 2024. The EU Security Union Strategy for 2020-2025 highlights the importance of enhancing the EU’s framework for AML and CTF.

European Union

AML / CFT Package Regulations