March 2017 Issue

Interview: The Power of ‘Segment of 1’

How can a powerful theory be practically applied in real-time for fighting fraud and maximizing customer revenues intelligently? In his latest interview with FinancialIT, CustomerXPs CEO Rivi Varghese explains how precise, real-time contextual interventions using the ‘segment of 1’ approach helps bank. Read More

NASSCOMWhite Paper: Core Banking led vs Alternate Delivery Channel only Approach for tackling Enterprise Fraud

A Core Banking led fraud detection approach delivers 5 compelling advantages over silo-ed Delivery Channel based systems mainly depth of analysis, ease of configuration/implementation, cross channel fraud detection, insider fraud detection and real-time high availability. Read More

Blog: Countering Card Fraud. Is Chip & Pin Technology Enough?

To fight fraud effectively, banks must think beyond silo-ed, channel-centric approaches. Intelligent platforms are now available that harness data in real-time from across channels to not only deliver a unified anti-fraud mechanism but also help create a secure ecosystem. Read More

ThreatInfographic: Trends Threatening Banking

With financial fraud rapidly becoming more innovative, banks need to be in the know of evolving trends that are impacting growth. See the top threats, the key influencing factors, the fraud footprint and a few ideas to address the menace. Read More

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