July 2021 Issue

dfcu bank wished to automate and streamline their AML compliance to stay compliant with existing and emerging AML/CFT regulatory compliance mandates. Read how Clari5 helped the banking leader achieve regulatory compliance.

Covering banking in the fintech era, the World Fintech Report 2021 explores how successful fintechs have breached the profitability barrier and analyzes alternative options for banks to alleviate the competitive threat. The report also reveals how banks can implement digital-only subsidiaries with the “right-field” approach to be successful in the fintech era.

Given the slackening pace of growth preceded by a spike in quantitative easing and flush liquidity in many countries, corporate borrowers have been severely impacted in servicing their debts and consequently, there’s a higher potential for loan defaults. A robust Loan Early Warning System helps interpret vital insights from key indicators and activates the signals well in advance.

Notwithstanding the new normal, banks are learning as they go and applying what they learn, to sustain the trust that customers have placed in them. With consumers’ increasing comfort levels with technology, the pandemic has been accelerating the pace of change. Here’s a quick look at 19 things that have been changing during the crisis.

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