‘Bankers to the Nation’ Achieves Global AML Compliance!

Sri Lanka’s largest bank, Bank of Ceylon, is now live with real-time, multi-country Anti-Money Laundering and FATCA compliance. Download the case study to learn how Clari5 helped the ‘bankers to the nation’ achieve global AML compliance.

Banking on RPA to Combat Fraud

Robotic Process Automation is driving smarter, cost-effective financial crime risk management. Clari5 explores RPA integration in bank fraud investigations.

Clari5 Clarified

Everything you ever wanted to know about Clari5. Frequently asked questions about the category leading Banking Enterprise Financial Crime Risk Management Product.

A ‘Hybrid’ Approach to Fraud Prevention

Hybrid fraud detection models that ensure high fraud detection rates with low false positives is vital to banking enterprise fraud management. A hybrid model helps accurately risk-score transactions and advise interventions in real-time.

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