FINnet 2.0 compliance

Power your FIU-IND reporting with Clari5 Regulatory Reporting Application

Streamline compliance with FINnet 2.0, amplify data intelligence and uncover actionable insights to combat money laundering and illicit fund flows.

With the rise of illegal fund flows and financial crimes, it becomes imperative for Financial Institutions or Reporting Entities (RE’s) to monitor, screen and curb Money Laundering / Terrorist Financing. Governments and Financial Intelligence Units (FIU) in various geographies are instituting improved mechanisms to improve compliance and combat money laundering activities with greater accuracy and efficiency. With this goal, FIU-India has issued new guidelines for regulatory reporting (FINnet 2.0), which RE’s need to equip themselves with in this new era.


Clari5 can assist RE's in complying with the newly introduced regulatory reporting standards of national importance. Clari5 helps reduce the burden on reporting entities by migrating to FINnet 2.0 reporting standards and redefines the process of collecting, validating, and processing the data to gather more intelligence by detecting patterns related to money laundering and illicit fund flows.

How can Clari5 Regulatory Reporting Application help?

  • Generate alert-based reports (STR) and periodic reports (CTR, NTR, CCR, CBWTR)
  • Fetch information from RE’s various source systems and transform into required formats
  • Integration with the RE’s Case / Alert Management system to fetch real-time details for alert-based reports
  • Run applications using user-friendly GUI to generate periodic reports
  • Generate output files (.zip) containing multiple reports, per report type, in bulk mode
  • Support for various RE classifications, lines of business, report types, and transaction types

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