1. Offer to downgrade:  Banks can bombard the best customers with offers to downgrade their status. For example, they can get the relationship manager to call the platinum card holder and offer her to issue a silver credit card.

2. Cross sell irrelevant products: Its relatively easy doing this.  Run the algorithm on a customer relationship and identify the least fit product. The teller can than try to cross sell it to the unsuspecting customer. A new low can be achieved by wrong-timing the pitch. Example:  Offer a car loan at a cheaper rate to customer who purchased car last week.

3. Antipathetic complaint redressal mechanism:  There are more than one ways to do it. Make customers jump through hoops to reach the customer care executives.  Refuse to acknowledge that the problem exists. Get customers to start over every time they want to check the status. Cross sell irrelevant products when the customers call to complain.

4. Commoditize the customer:  Converting the customer from individual to a commodity has monopoly rule at the pinnacle of horrible customer experience.  One sentence that really does the trick is,” we deal with hundreds of customer like you.”

5. Continue with antiquated processes: After all, old is gold. Continuation with antiquated processes will ensure that customers have to fill forms in triplicate and visit multiple counters for each transaction. Then cross sell irrelevant products to them.

From the days when customer experience management was more titular than operational, today its closely correlates with lower customer attrition and better financial results for the banks.  Hopefully, the banks will endeavor to avoid the above 5 mistakes thus achieving superior results.

By Ratnesh Pandey

Ratnesh is Head of Marketing at CustomerXPs.

He can be reached at clari5@customerxps.com

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