CustomerXPs is Gartner’s Vendor to Watch

There is something exhilarating about being able to punch much above our weight, more so when that capability is recognized by credible commentators.

Gartner recently published their report “Market Trends: Business Prioritization Creates New Opportunities for Technology Providers in India (G00255167)” which features CustomerXPs as a vendor to watch.

In the list, we rub shoulders with some really bigwigs and heavy weights which is the testimony to the brilliant job the team here is doing.

In the report, Gartner points out that the enterprises are moving away from price point based customer acquisition to value based customer acquisition and retention.  This is especially true in urban environment where customer perceive banking, insurance, organized retail and telecom service as more and more commoditized.

To achieve this goal of value based relationship, enterprises (especially B2C) need to understand their customer better, provide a superior customer experience, provide value added services and increase yield from their relationships.

Gartner emphasizes the need for technology solution that can provide real time analysis for customer data to improve customer experience metrics as a proactive retention strategy.

This is where CustomerXPs comes in. Clari5 Customer Experience Management product suite does exactly this. From intelligently analyzing the activity to providing useful recommendation during the transaction window, it gives ‘more’ before customers can ask for ‘more’.

After all, when customer is queen, you can’t afford to delay fulfilling her wish.

By Ratnesh Pandey

Ratnesh is Head of Marketing at CustomerXPs.  He can be reached at

CustomerXPs offers real-time, intelligent products that empower banks with instant insights enabling influenced outcomes of deeper customer engagement and fraud-free transactions.