A Helping Hand in the time of crisis

June 2013 penned a timeline etched in Indian History. It created a void filled with the mourning and loss of many Indian families.

Mother Nature displayed her worst during this time. Numerous days of cloudbursts caused insurmountable landslides and earth-shattering floods that devoured the many neighbouring areas around the scenic Indian state of Uttarakhand. This young and nascent territory was, according to media reports, the worst hit during the floods – with over 95% casualties! A feeling of unity captivated many an Indian heart bringing people from different walks of life to help the people of Uttarakhand.

Such a soul emerged from our very fold of CustomerXPs with a focussed directive – to help and serve the country. Ayushmaan Kapoor is one of the personnel leading the front at CustomerXPs. Our Marketing Team sat down with him to understand his modus operandi to aid this flood torn state of Uttarakhand.

Here are some of the excerpts taken from our sit-down with him as a helping hand:

What was the immediate thought that ran through your mind when you saw the UK floods on the news?

If you talk about the immediate thought that went through my mind, it was that no matter how much we develop ourselves whether in terms of technology or infrastructure we cannot compete with nature. The way it creates, it can also easily destroy. What happened in UK was tragic and one cannot go against nature. It was our duty towards society to do something for the people who were affected in whichever way we could.


The media stated that the flood took a staggering toll of human life. Was there anyone in particular or of relation that was affected by the flood?

No. None of relation was affected.


We believe that this was the impetus of your brave and heartfelt initiative. Is that one of the reasons for your step of action?

Brave and heartfelt? These are way too heavy words to define me. The only reason I took that step was because it was the humane thing to do and nothing else. And I do have a certain responsibility towards society.


What was your next plan of action, in terms of the charity, investment and liaison for the uplift of the flood victims?

My plan of action was to get people to contribute in whichever way they could. So we collected money, clothes, packed food, medicines and much more. The people did contribute a whole great deal. The next step was to hand over everything we collected to a certain NGO which transported our contribution to the UK relief camp.


Can any concerned layman also take such initiatives if a calamity were ever to hit our country again? If yes, could you speak out as to how?

If one wanted to help in such calamity, there are various ways to do so.

  • One can donate money in the PM relief fund online and it just takes 5 minutes to do so.
  • A simple Google search will give a list of Govt. recognised NGOs that will aid you in providing a channel to help
  • Talk to colleagues or friends whose children go to school and provide whatever help to them which is what I did with the help of Kamalesh and Sandhya.
Your gesture and initiative is one that needs accolade and recognition. If you had one word to wake up your fellow countrymen and countrywomen to take up a similar stance as you did, what would you declare?

I would just say two words “Be humane”. I would also like to add that one needs to wake up the Indian citizen and help people in such tragedies. That will be the day I gain faith in humanity once again.


Ayushmaan Kapoor is a consultant for the Go-To-Market and Alliances team at CustomerXPs.

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