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Grow Revenue while Preventing Fraud with the Category Leading Cross-channel,
Real-time Central Nervous System for Global Banks

Clari5 Unified Real-time, Cross-channel Platform for

Bottom-line Protection (losses from Fraud) + Topline Growth (Cross-sell / Upsell)

Real-time Enterprise Fraud Management

Real-time Enterprise Fraud Management

Enterprisewide fraud management (instead of the conventional channel silo-based approach) detects, deters ingenious attempts bankwide.

Comprehensive, Real-time Anti-Money Laundering Solution

Comprehensive, Real-time Anti-Money Laundering Solution

Automate, streamline and comply with national and global compliance programs quickly.

Real-time Customer Experience Management

Real-time Customer Experience Management

Extreme real-time ‘segment of 1’ contextual insights for instant, intelligent cross-sell and upsell.

Recognized by Industry Leaders

Leverage the Results of Clari5 Client Success for your Bank

Case Study

Fino Payments Bank Activates Real-Time Enterprise-wide Fraud Management with Clari5

Case Study

dfcu Bank, Uganda Activates Real-time AML & goAML Reporting with Clari5

Case Study

‘Bankers to the Nation’ Activates Multi-Country AML + FATCA Compliance

3 Challenges. 1 Solution

Combat Fraud + Grow Revenue Concurrently

Fraud and revenue are 2 sides of the same coin. Discover real-time cross-sell and upsell with the same in-memory compute for detecting fraud.

Extreme Real-time Meets Cross-channel

Clari5 synthesizes and delivers 360° insights across all your bank’s systems at an incredible 4700+ tps.

Auto-scaling System As Your Bank Grows

Clari5 is a bolt-on system that scales linearly regardless of your bank’s hardware additions.

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