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People, sensitivity, inclusivity, safety – the language of HR

The promise of CustomerXPs to our clients and the nature of our business is detailed over many of these pages.  The people behind the promise and the business are who seeks to support.  We know the challenge of handling different sensitivities and strive constantly to achieve the elusive and intermittent “good job” pats that show us that, in all of our efforts, here is one in which our team has seen value.

One such lauded effort is the launch of ASHA – our policy of Anti-Sexual Harassment Assurance. 

What is ASHA?                                               

ASHA is our Anti-Sexual Harassment Assurance  policy which we instituted in December 2013 to assure a better and safe working environment for our employees.


The need for an Anti-Sexual Harassment policy arose from recognizing that sexual harassment at the workplace can cause irreparable damage to the business and the employee – employer relations.  In addition, the government of India mandates under The Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act and Rules, 2013 that corporates are required to institute the policy at the workplace.  At CustomerXPs, some aspects of employee-employer association are a given.

  • We are an equal employment opportunity provider
  • We foster an environment that encourages mutual respect, courteous and congenial relationships
  • We believe in providing a non-hostile safe working environment without fear of prejudice, gender bias and assuring personal safety

For us, ASHA is a step forward in our association with our employees, in assuring their safety, both physical and psychological, so that they may continue to do what they are best at doing – turn out quality work quicker, faster and better.

By Sandhya V

Sandhya V  is CFO & Head, HR at CustomerXPs

She can be reached at

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