As of today, I’ve been a part of CustomerXPs for one year and I gotta tell you…









Please forgive me a brief moment to gush, but I really love my work. I work with a lot of great people. Crazy people for sure, but great. I love them all. As I mentioned in my blog post ‘The Go-Giver and Me’, we are a bunch of mavericks who are deeply passionate about what we do, be it is coding, marketing, sales, biking or hiking.

What Makes it Special?

Hmm..Not an easy question to answer, but will try to put it across in five key points (Old habits die hard!)

Great people to work

Like I said, the junta here are quite passionate about their work, strive to bring out the best with the scant resources that we, at times have. It is our conscious choice to stay happy and deliver happiness to whomsoever we work with that binds us together. To us, success means above any marketing/sales/business metric it is putting our best foot forward in every task we take up.

Positive Peer Pressure

We thrive on very loose process and self-management because of positive peer pressure. CXPSians want to work on hard, important problems to get their peers to also work on them. We fix nasty bugs, come with amazing solutions because making customers happy is awesome, and it also earns the respect of our peers, even if the work is thankless sometimes.

CustomerXPs recruitment and hiring

CustomerXPs hires great people. We put a lot into hiring and screening of candidates. That doesn’t mean draining, three day interviews with comp sci heavy interviews. Simple questions to test how you approach a problem, if you are a Go-getter and how well can you work in a unstructured environment. By the time you get to the office for an in-person interview, it is assumed you have the basic chops to work at CustomerXPs, and the rest is culture fit and personality fit.

Anarchist Structure

Much is made of the flat, nearly non-existent management style of CustomerXPs. Yes, it really is true that you can work on whatever you want. It turns out when you hire self-motivated, talented people who want to work with other really other good people; folks generally work on important stuff. Bugs get fixed, concept to commercialization runs at a faster pace than usual and difficult tests still get written. And if those things get missed on the first pass, peer pressure and continual review ensure get done.

Friends for Life

In my one year stint, I can say that I made quite a bunch of friends whose company I know I would cherish for life. Every discussion, every meeting, every task is kind of fun when we do it together.  This makes it easy for most of us who have left our comfort zones and relocated here to discover our passion and interest and realize the same. (To fulfill the Self-actualization needs in the pyramid of  Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs, you see!)

 The Year that will be

I’m really excited to see what the next year has in store for me and CustomerXPs. I’ve had the great pleasure to launch 2 products with my team and talk about it at various conferences. I’ve met so many great people who love what we do, and folks whose work I admire. It’s been a lot of fun this past year!

I’m not trying to say every company should be exactly like CustomerXPs. Or that CustomerXPs is perfect and what we do is right for every person or every company. I’m not making that claim. But I do believe many of these ideas can benefit more software companies than not. Every company is different and your mileage may vary.

But wherever you are, I hope you’re working at a place that values you and provides an environment where you can do great work and be happy and balanced. And if not, think about finding such a place, whether it’s at CustomerXPs or elsewhere.

– By Madhavi Natukula

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