An AI-based ‘Hybrid’ Approach to Banking Fraud Detection and Prevention

Hybrid fraud detection models that ensure high fraud detection rates with low false positives is vital to banking enterprise fraud management. A hybrid model’s techniques help accurately risk score transactions and advise appropriate interventions in real-time.

Financial Crime in the Middle East and North Africa

The fourth report in Deloitte’s annual surveys on financial crime in MENA tracks changing norms, attitudes around compliance and the management of financial crime. This year’s report focuses on certain key themes including regulators and the technology revolution, transformation of the compliance function and emerging threats.

Digital Disruption: How Fintech is Pushing Banks to Change

While traditionally fintech was a back office operations function, today it has evolved to where customers have a multitude of digital channels at their disposal. With 24/7 device-agnostic access, virtually every transaction is now digitally possible.

Infographic: Cutting NPA Losses with AI & Machine Learning

Non-performing assets is among the top pains for financial institutions. AI and Machine Learning based technology can help banks with smarter NPA management.

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