Bangalore – July 30, 2014 CustomerXPs, a leader in banking technology unveiled its new website – with improved design and easy to access resources. The new website reflects CustomerXPs’s commitment towards a fraud free banking experience.

CustomerXPs, with its flagship product Clari5, helps banks with Enterprise Financial Crime Management and Customer Experience Management. With the thousands of page visits per month, plays a significant role in the company’s relationship with its customers and often is the first port of call. The new website brings a streamlined web experience to users for learning about Clari5 and evaluate the ideal product for their technology needs.

“Banks face evolving challenges on both fronts: Fraud as well as Customer Experience. We realized that it should be easy for banks to find the right software to tackle these challenges. This was the guiding philosophy behind developing the new website.” Said Ratnesh Pandey, Head of Marketing at CustomerXPs.

The new website enables customers with intuitive navigation, enhanced interface, useful content and is equipped with social interaction capability. It’s easier for users to find and share the relevant information and resources related to Clari5 Fraud Management and Customer Experience Management.

About CustomerXPs

CustomerXPs is the leading provider of real-time multi-channel enterprise fraud and customer experience management products for global tier1 banks. CustomerXPs differentiated approach to extreme real time analytics ensures that the bank can bring to bear the entire collective intelligence within the short transaction window itself to modify, stop, value add to the transaction in real-time across all systems in the bank. This bestows the bank with hitherto unavailable capability to prevent fraud, cross-sell/up-sell, manage customer experience, increase productivity, cross-sell, etc. CustomerXPs is live with the worlds largest such implementation(s), wherein every transaction on each of the 80Million account of a bank is interpreted in real-time and checked for fraud, cross-sell, customer experience during the transaction window itself – all this running on horizontally scalable commodity hardware.

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