Clari5 Identity Resolution Solution

Minimize risk exposure with a real-time, unified customer view across all lines of businesses and products

Anti-Money Laundering Solution

Clari5 Identity Resolution Solution

Clari5 Identity Resolution & Data De-duplication solution helps your bank achieve a single version of truth of your customer across all lines of businesses and products. Clari5 helps you substantially enhance your risk management efficiencies by controlling credit quality right from the origination stage, across the entire life cycle and managing additional exposure to potentially risky customers.


  • API support for de-duplication logic across the enterprise
  • Powerful fuzzy match algorithms for segregation and combination match
  • Hierarchy of rules supporting one-to-many matches
  • Ability to process data in real-time, near real-time or batch mode
  • Advanced Identity Resolution algorithms like NYSIIS, Double Metaphone


  • Allows user to configure the list of attributes for Identity Resolution logic
  • Supports fuzzy logic for matching attributes
  • Create a golden copy of customer records
  • Ability to generate reports in multiple formats
  • APIs for online screening


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