Clari5 Automated Charge Recovery Solution

Instant Charge Recovery With The Real-Time Tool
That Top Banks Trust

Clari5 Automated Charge Recovery Solution

Don’t wait till the end-of-the-month and recover credit card, loan and other service charges from customers through analytics. Transform your tedious and error-prone manual charge recovery process into a seamless, real-time one with the combined power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Analytics and Real-Time Decisioning.

How Clari5 Automated Real-Time Charge Recovery Solution helps Banks running Finacle

  1. Automates all charge types across all lines of business and related office accounts to be credited for each month
  2. Real-Time Calculation and Recovery of Charges
  3. Enables partial or full recovery of specific charge types from the account
  4. Multiple workflows to enable activating different workflows for different steps
  5. Email / SMS messages to customers – compliant with RBI’s directive of informing customers prior to charge recovery
  6. End of day / end of month reporting for key stakeholders
  7. Core Banking System/ Finacle Version Agnostic

Clari5 Automated, Real-Time Charge Recovery Solution

Built for Finacle; designed for instant charge recovery

Supports 2 types of real-time interfaces:

  • One-way interface (advice only)
  • Synchronous call for risk advice (transaction stopping)

Messages generated from Finacle Core application server in real-time through in-memory Finacle scripts

No need for server access to Finacle database; no additional overhead on Finacle servers

Intelligent, lightweight program on Finacle application server transmits messages to Clari5 without impacting Finacle processes

Interface perfected through years of R&D and proven for scale / reliability in top Indian banks

Clari5 Automated, Real-Time Charge Recovery Solution. Clari5 Others
Proven real-time risk monitoring and decision management platform with out-of-the box integration with Finacle products
Real-time decision engine with transaction stopping capabilities for Finacle (with sub-second response time)
Flexibility to deploy system in real-time monitoring mode or transaction stopping mode based on the scenario
Ability to use cross-channel real-time intelligence for charge recovery, fraud & risk detection
Ability to extend the same platform for CEM, anti-fraud & AML requirements in future using the same Finacle interface (integrate once – deploy multiple solutions)
Flexible scenario authoring tool with capabilities to define complex scenarios with push up and push down capabilities (results in lower false positives)
Flexible advanced case management with comprehensive workflow and investigative capabilities
Proven solution currently live in some of the largest banks using Finacle (banks with accounts ranging from 1 million to 60 million) with zero impact on Finacle performance
Proven benefits in implementation cycle & support expertise for Finacle clients
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