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Digital Disruption: How Fintech is Pushing Banks to Change

Fintech has brought unprecedented disruption in the financial services ecosystem. While traditionally, fintech was used for back office banking operations, today it has DIY modes where customers rely less on a brick and mortar bank for their banking needs, and instead have a multitude of digital channels at their disposal. With 24/7 device-agnostic access, virtually every transaction is now digitally possible.

Countering fraud amidst soaring mobile commerce action

Mobile transactions are overtaking everything else at a rate faster than businesses can handle. With the number of consumers switching to digital and mobile channels growing literally by the hour, banks need to simultaneously boost their defense mechanisms to prevent e-commerce and m-commerce frauds.

Nixing Credit/Loan Frauds Smartly

With the U.S. economy grappling with massive internal debt, ideas that can reduce even a fraction of this would be of great advantage. Financial institutions as well as startups have already begun looking for ways to innovate, and make banking systems more efficient which allows financial institutions to the lending problem effectively.

Are Real-time Payments Actually Fueling Financial Crime?

Over 30 countries now have real-time payment processes of some kind, some of them in use since decades and the benefits are evident. But in a real-time world, does faster payments mean faster fraud? What can financial institutions do to stay ahead of financial crime in payments?

A Call for Better Push-Payment Scam Prevention In Light of Liability Shifting from Customers to Banks

APP (Authorized Push Payment) fraud is turning out to be a widespread menace with the UK being the most affected, according to the UK consumer rights champion When a business or an individual gets tricked into sending money to a fraudulent account to pay for goods or services it is a fraud. Businesses and individuals are scammed when criminals send seemingly legitimate invoices to business professionals with requests for payment.

Augmenting Financial Inclusion Efforts Efficacy in sub-Saharan Africa

Financial inclusion plays a vital role in socio-economic development particularly in developing economies. For a region that has begun experiencing the transformational benefits of financial inclusion initiatives, it would augur well for the constituent financial services institutions and regulators to add the vital fourth dimension to the existing three.

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