Customer taking control to combat potential fraud

Customer taking control to combat potential fraud

Ever wondered how great it would be if customer can take control over the transaction to be allowed and the transaction to be blocked. It would not only be easy at the bank’s part but also would enhance customer loyalty & trust. Read on an Interesting dialogue between a banking customer and bank representative, where the customer wishes for a solution that empowers him like never before

One Year at CustomerXPs

In my one year stint, I can say that I made quite a bunch of friends whose company I know I would cherish for life. Every discussion, every meeting, every task is kind of fun when we do it together. This makes it easy for most of us who have left our comfort zones and relocated here to discover our passion and interest and realize the same. (To fulfill the Self-actualization needs in the pyramid of Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs, you see!)

‘The Go-Giver’ and Me!

Ever experienced the joy of giving? How relevant do you think it is in business as well as your personal life. What if someone says that ‘giving’ is the best way to be successful in business? Would you believe them? Would you care to venture?

Net Promoter Score- Why is it important for Financial Institutions?

As the CEO of a large financial institution what would be the one thing that you would monitor that would be a litmus test of how well your company is living up to the core values you have set for yourself. Ever wondered what your peers like American Express, USAA, Vanguard, Westpac etc. monitor to find the same. The Infographic provided in the blogpost explains Net Promoter Score , a customer loyalty metric and a discipline for using customer feedback to fuel profitable growth in your business.

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